Q. How much are shipping charges?
A. Presently we have a 10% discount on UPS Ground published rates. The discount on USPS published
rate is 3.5% You can check the published rate charts at these links
www.USPS.com,  www.UPS.com,

Q. Do you charge for packaging materials?
A. We include an allowance for packaging materials in our order rate. We do charge extra for  special
packaging requirements.

Q. Is your warehouse climate controlled?
A. Our warehouse is fully air conditioned and is Department of Health certified for the storage of foodstuffs
and nutraceuticals.

Q. Do you require dock appointments?
A. No. We only require prior notification.

Q. Can you handle infomercials?
A. Yes. Our flexible staffing methods allow us to adjust production capacities very quickly. We ask for two
week’s notice for infomercial support. This allows us to acquire packaging materials, schedule staff etc.

Q. I ship to retail outlets as well as consumers. Can you handle that?
A. Yes we ship to both consumer and retail business

Q. Can you automate the interface between my shopping cart and your system?
A. Yes, Your shopping cart must be able to output XML, CSV, TXT, DBF, or tab delimited file. Most
shopping carts are capable of this.

Q. Is there material you won’t handle?
A. Yes, we will not handle things considered hazardous, indecent, or illegal. We will also not handle living
things or weapons.

Q. What is your shipping cycle?
A. All orders ship within one business day. Rush orders received before noon will be shipped same day. If
an order is received after noon, but must ship the same day, priority accommodations can be made.

Q. Do you  maintain web stores and sites?
A. Yes we can do basic changes and updates such as product changes, inventory, and order tracking.

Q. Some of my product needs to be kitted, assembled, or shrink wrapped. Can you handle this?
A. Yes. We can perform a wide array of assembly, kitting, and packaging.

Q. What are your policies regarding our customer information?
A. Your customer's information is NEVER shared or sold. We will happily sign any non-disclosure
agreements or similar instruments to guarantee this.

Q. Can you supply references?
A. Yes we can supply you with a list of some of our present clients

Q. What are your prices?
A. Due to the wide variety of products and their unique fulfillment requirements it is impractical for us to
quote a price without knowing something of your business. Please contact us so that we can discuss this.
You can also fill out the questionnaire on our Request Fulfillment Info page. There are twenty questions
and will only take a few minutes to complete. This will then give us a very good idea of your business and
fulfillment needs. We will then contact you for further consultation.

Q. You are located in the Southeast, how does that effect you delivery times to the rest of the country?
A. We reach most of the country’s population within one to six days via FedEx and UPS ground,  Priority
mail is one to three days and first class is three to five. We can also ship overnight Express and 2nd Air.

Q. Do you also ship international
A. Yes we ship to any country. Various shipping methods are used depending on your request.

Q. We ship marketing aids and pop displays. Can you support this.
A. We can provide fulfillment for marketing aids as well as a private web-based order form so that your
field personnel can order sales materials or have them drop shipped to clients.

Q. Do you charge minimums?
A. We do not charge minimums, however there is a monthly fee required to maintain an account. There is
also a monthly storage fee based on quantity stored. All other order fulfillment fees are transaction based.
All fees will be clearly stated in our quote to you. There are no hidden fees.

We strive to keep recurring monthly fees at a reasonable level.
Fulfillment Florida